• What Do you Learn in this Certification Program?

    Through CompTIA A+ network certification provides the knowledge to resolve or rectify networking and operating systems issues. Certified professionals will be able to configure, install and upgrade the most widespread operating systems, such as Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. It will offer them the technical competency to set up and troubleshoot any peripheral devices. They can assemble and dissemble computing hardware and provide all the necessary support for basic home and small office networks. The certification teaches them how to implement cyber security controls appropriate to help desk and technical support roles. They can troubleshoot and support end-user access to applications and data.

    comptia a+ skills

    The professionals are responsible for identifying and resolving any issues related to specific hardware and components. They have a good understanding of networks and connections such as TCP/IP, WiFi, and SOHO. The certification also teaches them how to troubleshoot the hardware, application security, devices, and other network issues. The certified experts should safeguard the network connections and the devices.

    The CompTIA a+ certification will train the individual to identify and describe various types of data storage devices and other backup media. The professionals are capable of working with different types and features of motherboard components.

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